You Won’t Believe the Results if You Hold Your Hands Like This!

If the answer to the question “What do you see when you look at your hands?” is “Just my hands”, you should definitely go see a reflexologist.

According to  research , there are countless active points present in the hands that give one power over their mind and body.

# The Thumb

Did you know that any time you are experiencing a nervous breakdown, softly clutching your thumb for 5 minutes will lessen it and can even make it go away? According to reflexologists, the active points in the thumb are responsible for anxiety and headaches.

# The Forefinger

The active points in the forefinger control feelings of disappointment, fear, and embarrassment. A study by the University of Minnesota showed that patients with back and muscle pain responded positively after a cycle of reflex therapy. Clutch your forefinger with your opposite hand for 5 minutes and see the results for yourself!

# The Middle Finger

If you are feeling annoyed, angry or more tired than usual, try pressing your middle finger—it’ll help. Studies show that exercises like these help to decrease blood pressure and calm you down.

# The Ring Finger

We are often overcome with negative emotions and sadness. Softly clutching your ring finger for 5 minutes will calm you and help insecure feelings to go away. Don’t forget to watch your breathing.

# The Pinky Finger

The pinky finger  is responsible for self-esteem, stress, and nervousness. If you are not feeling confident, think something nice while massaging the little finger for 5 minutes. You’ll be surprised by the results!

# The Palm 

Reflexologists say that the palm is the center of all your feelings and emotions. Massaging it properly will prevent nausea, stress, diarrhea, and constipation. First, press the fingers of one hand to the middle of the other palm. Keep massaging the center in circulating motions accompanied by deep breathing.

# Palms pressed to each other

This is a position mostly used for meditation. Physically, it helps increase your blood circulation. Mentally, it helps to organize your thoughts in order.

# Surya Mudra

This pose will help you improve your digestion and metabolism. You can use this technique for low blood temperature and loss of appetite.