9 Ways to Help Your Tired Legs and Feet

Fatigue of the legs can be a sign of a decrease in blood flow in the legs, and this is mainly a concern for women and older people.  The following techniques are especially relevant for those who have to spend all day on their feet.

Many of Happy Worthy Life‘s authors are familiar with the problem of buzzing legs, so we want to share life hacks with you to ease pain and discomfort.

1. Press 2 points on the foot at the same time.

By clicking on certain points, you can increase endorphin production. This will help reduce stress and fatigue and relieve pain. There are 2 such points on the foot:

The first is between the first and second bones of the foot, as shown in the figure above.
The second is between the fourth and fifth bones.
Massage these 2 points for 2 minutes. Breathe deeply and calmly.

2. Use a pencil to relieve stress in the foot

In the center of the heel is a point whose stimulation will help ease discomfort in the feet. Gently press on it with a pencil for 0.5–2 minutes. to achieve a result. Repeat this procedure with both legs. 9 Ways to Help Tired Legs and Feet Life Hacks And Tricks

3. Perform the Vajrasana

Virasana is a basic asana performed on a lap. This exercise can be performed even immediately after a meal:

Get on your knees. Bring them together and spread your feet apart. For convenience, you can put a large pillow.
Sit on a support (floor or pillow). You can increase the height a little if you feel knee pain. Put your hands on your hips and maintain this position for 2–4 minutes.
Stretch your legs forward for a few seconds.
Be careful when performing the asana and make sure that there is support under the buttocks to minimize the risk of injury. Do not perform this exercise if you have injuries.

4. Prevent leg fatigue with preventative stockings or socks.

Now there is a large selection of compression stockings and socks that look exactly the same as regular ones. They not only prevent tired legs and feet, but also contribute to their healing.

Such products help normalize blood flow from the legs to the heart. They may vary depending on the purpose of use; for example, there are options for sports and for everyday wear. Be sure to consult your doctor if you have any health problems.

5. Try a butterfly pose

This pose helps to get rid of fatigue in the legs, “open” the hips and stimulate the digestive system:

Lie on your back with your legs against the wall.
Bring the feet together and slowly lower them to the hips.
Keep this pose for 3-5 minutes.

6. Reduce salt intake

Excessive salt intake can lead to swelling of the legs and a feeling of painful fatigue in them. Scientists recommend eating no more than 2,300 mg per day. This is just 1 tablespoon.

Try an experiment: reduce your daily serving of salt and note how your well-being has changed over the course of one month of this experiment.

7. Eat enough iron

Iron deficiency can cause restless legs syndrome, which is accompanied by tingling, burning, itching, and painful leg cramps. It also leads to a feeling of fatigue in the legs.

Try to get enough nutrients and eat iron-rich foods like spinach, broccoli, beans, brown rice, and dried fruits.

8. Use painkillers.

These types of patches provide a quick relief effect for the legs without any medication. They can work up to 6 hours and help against pain in the legs and heels, sprains, deformities and bruises.

They can be worn during the day or glued before bedtime.

9. Apply massage tapping

Foot massage can work real miracles, and its great advantage is that you can do it yourself. Light pressure produces a relaxing effect. A slightly stronger pressure reduces pain and relieves muscle tension. Here is one simple tapping massage technique:

Gently tap your leg muscles with your fist, starting at the ankle. The same movements can be done with the edge of the palm.
Repeat these movements, moving up the leg. Focus on areas in which you feel stressed.
Massage your entire leg in this way.

How often do you have leg problems? What is the best way to relieve discomfort?