4 Natural Home Remedies For Toothache

Is that toothache driving you crazy? Let’s face it, toothache can hamper your daily functions – to say the least. The excruciating pain arises from the deepest part of a tooth which is the pulp region.

Here are some common home remedies for toothache to keep you calm before you reach your dentist:

1. The Traditional Clove

Eugenol, the primary chemical compound found in clove, is a mild anaesthetic. Cloves help to numb the nerves in the tooth and thus alleviate pain. Use the whole clove or powdered clove by placing it on the tooth and chewing it a bit to release its oil, or you can simply apply some clove oil. However, one must be careful while using pure and concentrated clove oil; applying it directly on the infected region may worsen the pain if it flows onto the tongue or stings sensitive or exposed gum regions. A cotton ball, doused with a couple of drops of this oil, placed between the teeth should work.

2. Salt-Water Swishing

Hot water with salt dissolved in it works as a natural antiseptic mouthwash. Swishing it around the mouth for at least thirty seconds before spitting it out, helps to remove debris that may be stuck in crevices around the infected tooth, preventing further infection.

3. Icy Relief

Some ice-cubes sealed in a plastic bag and wrapped in a thin piece of cloth can numb the nerves in the irritated tooth when pressed against the cheek which is directly over the tooth. Ice is especially beneficial when the tooth ache is accompanied by swelling.

4. Garlic

Garlic is known for its antibiotic medicinal properties and can provide relief from the worst of toothaches. Some crushed garlic mixed with table salt or black pepper can be applied directly to the affected tooth, or some cloves of garlic can be chewed to release their oil on the ‘alarm-site’ to alleviate the pain. It is imperative to remember that the garlic clove must be crushed and not cut because only crushing garlic releases its oil.